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2007-02-24 : 11:31 a.m.
a teacher i had once for a gender gen ed requirement had shot herself in the head but was somehow not considered suicide. i was called to the area and i flew there in a small helicopter with jess and brian. we were flying over a town covered in water. someone said something which cause me to lapse in my attention and we crashed. it wasn't a bad one and we were close enough to our destination to walk/swim there but brian was somehow damaged and became sort of frankenstein like. i got to the house where this woman killed herself, her mother let me in and i walked up into her room which had a large puddle of blood on the ground. instead of looking at that tho Jess and i inspected the room, looking out the windows and such. it turned into a classroom the full of youngish boys who wanted me to go outside and smoke cigarettes with them. i stuck around for a while but then got bored. i walked out into a corridor where i found PJ sick in bed. I happened to be holding an orangejuice in my hand which i gave to him but then quickly left out of fear that he would try to get too close to me. then dave was with me and we walked downstairs where the woman's mother was. another older woman was teaching a girl some form of yoga and dave started saying "what is this? this is bullshit!" referring to the old woman's teachings while unabashedly and inconsiderately staring at the girls crotch. all of the women passed silent glances in equal irritation.


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